Where to Get Tested for COVID in Miami

Staying safe during the global pandemic is dependent on social distancing, and maintaining public health restrictions. However, the best way to ensure your safety – and the safety of those around you – is to get tested and know your infection status. Locally, there can be a lack of clarity about where you can find Miami COVID testing sites. Here are some frequently asked questions about getting tested in Miami.

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Do You Need An Appointment For A COVID Test?

Depending on the labs you use, you may or may not need an appointment for a COVID test. If you suspect exposure, it is best to get tested as soon as possible. Taking this into account, opt for testing sites in Miami where you can make an appointment and receive your results on the same day.

Where Can I Get The Rapid Test for COVID?

The rapid test is a COVID test with fast results, done with an assaying kit. It can be carried out within the lab setting, though it is often carried out at a COVID test drive-thru.  There are many rapid testing sites in the Miami area, including Wellacy, which has multiple rapid testing locations.

To ensure that you get as fast a process as possible, aim for a lab that offers same-day results. Thus, booking your appointment, getting tested, and knowing your results within 24-hours becomes possible. It is also essential to look for a place that allows you to book online and on the phone.

How Does an Antigen Test Work?

The coronavirus has specific and identifying molecules on its surface, referred to as antigens. The test works by detecting these antigens in the body fluids. In comparison, COVID PCR testing detects the genetic material of the virus. Therefore, in a COVID PCR lab, the DNA from a sample is extracted and tested for similarity to COVID-19 markers. Getting the antigen test in Miami is simple – by checking online for testing locations that offer it, you can book an appointment or call in to check for availability.

Where are the Nearest Covid-19 Testing Locations?

There are several testing locations throughout the Miami area. These include the Falls Mall, the Dolphin Mall, Sawgrass Mills, Midtown, and the Florida Mall.

If you are interested in getting same-day results as your appointment, contact us on (305) 741-2655 or book an appointment online for any of our Miami rapid testing locations.

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