Wellacy (AKA: FastLabs) has expanded beyond trusted COVID testing; and it is empowering patients with real-time information about their health and determining the root cause of disease. From necessary health panels to pre-surgery labs, Wellacy (AKA: FastLabs) removes the confusion, hurdles, and time associated with medical laboratory testing.

Wellacy: Fast and Accurate Health Testing at Your Fingertips


Laboratory testing is important because it helps to diagnose and monitor various diseases and conditions. It can provide crucial information about a person’s health status to support and guide treatment decisions. Laboratory tests can detect the presence of abnormal substances in the body, such as bacteria or viruses, as well as measure levels of normal substances such as hormones or cholesterol. Testing can also help monitor medical treatment effectiveness and check for any side effects. In addition, laboratory testing can help to identify genetic conditions and detect the presence of specific markers that may indicate an increased risk for certain diseases. Overall, laboratory testing plays a crucial role in maintaining and improving health.


It is generally necessary to have a physician’s order for routine blood work. This means that you will need to see a doctor or other healthcare provider and have them request the laboratory tests that they feel are necessary for your healthcare. However, some laboratories and diagnostic centers, like Wellacy (AKA FastLabs), may offer direct-to-consumer (DTC) testing, which allows individuals to order certain laboratory tests without a physician’s order. It is important to note that DTC testing is not a substitute for a visit to a healthcare provider and may not be covered by insurance.

If you are interested in having routine blood work done, it is best to consult with a healthcare provider to determine which tests are appropriate for you. Wellacy (AKA: FastLabs) has a medical team ready to help you choose the right test for you!


Fast results and accessibility to laboratory testing are important because they can help to ensure that individuals receive timely and appropriate healthcare. Rapid test results can help to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions more quickly, which can improve patient outcomes. For example, if a person has an infection, getting a rapid test result can help to determine the appropriate treatment and prevent the infection from spreading. Accessibility to laboratory testing is also important because it allows individuals to get the testing they need, even if they do not have a primary care physician or live in an area where healthcare resources are limited. By making laboratory testing more accessible, it is possible to improve the health of individuals and communities.

Appointments at Wellacy Are Available NOW

Visit FastLab’s new South Miami location at 6193 Sunset Dr, South Miami FL 33143 (across the street from South Miami Hospital and close to Larkin Hospital)  This new state-of-the-art laboratory offers a FULL menu of laboratory testing and diagnostic options for patients. Appointments can be made directly on the Wellacy (AKA: FastLabs) website, www.wellacy.com. Walk-ins are accepted, but appointments are recommended. Call (305) 741-2655 or email info@wellacy.com to find out more!

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