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Workplace Rapid Testing

A new normal must be attained across businesses in all industries. Business owners and leaders have a newfound responsibility to create an environment with massively increased levels of safety for employees, customers, and everybody else. By partnering with Wellacy, businesses can implement a fantastic range of rapid mobile COVID testing within the workplace with options for continued health monitoring for further peace of mind.

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Our Solutions

We provide the absolute best in workplace safety solutions.

On-Site Testing

Wellacy can provide lab-quality tests to your employees or the guests at your event. This testing helps people to feel safe and secure while also mitigating risk.

Results in Minutes

Our best-in-class tests provide results within minutes and presents them to people via a HIPAA compliant patient portal.


Customizable Plans

If you’re unsure of what’s best for your business, our team can work with you to tailor a unique plan that’s sure to be exactly what you need.

Workplace health and safety is more important now than ever in the past and is something that isn’t likely to fall out of the spotlight any time soon. As such, it’s best to partner with a company that specializes in rapid testing in the workplace. The are many advantages of rapid tests including improving the safety of your employees and mitigating risk in the best way possible.

The team at Wellacy can help you to implement a focus on workplace safety. COVID 19 testing for employers Corporate Covid Testing Miami looks set to remain a part of life for the foreseeable future. Because of this fact, it’s important for employers to implement a range of rapid testing solutions for their employees. Workplace safety is set to become a newer focus of employees and is likely to be something that will make the difference between attracting and retaining top talent and missing out.

Nasal Swab Test


How Wellacy Can Help

Increased Peace of Mind

Wellacy is focused on testings solutions using the very latest and greatest in technology and devices. Our focus on being future-proof will help us to consistently deliver peace of mind to businesses, employees, customers, and communities for many years to come. In a world driven by change, partner with Wellacy and be at the forefront of it.

Quick On-Site Testing

Wellacy is prepared to work closely with your team and deliver the absolute best in rapid testing solutions. We help you to contain infection at reduce the spread by utilizing our fleet of testing and laboratory motorcoaches. Our science-based tests are highly accurate and thanks to our mobilized fleet of testing vehicles, we obtain accurate and quick results in all of our clients. Our industry-leading solutions empower health and improve safety.

Health Monitoring

It’s important that health monitoring is an ongoing process that carries on as we return to normalcy. Our plans are designed to ensure the continued safety of your employees and your customers by monitoring the individual health statuses. Verifying the protection of your employees, customers, and other guests will help to improve your business’s operations and reduce the costs associated with running your company.



Looking to find out your health status? Wellacy has a wide list of services catered to giving you the answers you seek.

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