Mobile Labs Bring Rapid Testing Services to Florida

Medical testing company drives RVs on-location to provide convenient service

Wellacy LLC, a medical laboratory testing services company with corporate headquarters in Coral Gables, FL, has developed a fleet of mobile labs intended to make testing faster and more convenient for communities. The company currently has multiple labs throughout Florida, at about 2,000 sq. ft. in size, with an eye on expansion throughout the rest of the US.

The mobile labs are Class A RV motorcoaches, which work off the electrical grid rather than running gas-powered generators. The mobile labs offer quick testing for COVID (PCR/Abbott, antibody, and antigen); complete respiratory panel of 15 viruses and four bacterial infections; HIV antibody screening; HbA1C; blood type; thyroid check; gluten testing for food; and air and water quality testing, among other options.

“Wellacy was launched in response to consumer demand for better patient experience within the medical lab testing space. Wellacy aims to increase patient accessibility to fast and reliable answers without having to get out of their cars or wait in long lines,” says Province (“Boo”) Zamek, chief operating officer of Wellacy LLC. “All sites are cash-operated and offer all paperwork for insurance reimbursement, further reducing barriers to rapid access and facilitating access to the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund, where private insurers must waive a member’s payments for COVID-19 diagnostic testing and related services. All tests used at Wellacy are FDA-authorized.”

While Wellacy offers an extensive menu of testing services, at the moment COVID testing is their main task. “Currently focused on COVID testing and other viruses, Wellacy provides express results for those that need fast PCR and rapid testing from the convenience of their vehicles, businesses, or homes,” says Zamek, noting that the labs can produce test results within minutes.

There was no particular model to build off of, says Zamek, so the team had to blaze its own trail when creating the mobile labs. Therefore, teamwork and a smooth collaboration process was crucial to the project. “Like with any new idea that is converted into a reality, we have had to make adjustments to our business model along the way. We are a privately-held company; we are agile and committed to providing exceptional service,” says Zamek. “Consequently, our core team has learned how to leverage each other’s strengths and ultimately achieve—even exceed—our goals as a team. We know how to work together to make each of our lab units the best it can be: from the vehicle to the tech to the services we offer, to the location, day-to-day operations, staffing, etc. This translates to high morale and profitability.”

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COVID Test Locations In Miami

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