Ensure compliance and the safe business operations by streamlining your COVID-19 testing program with Wellacy’ StrikeForce on-site testing services. Protect your employees and keep your business open with on-site, FDA-authorized rapid COVID testing technologies, including  fast PCR, rapid antigen, and rapid antibody tests. StrikeForce brings peace of mind to prevent or get ahead of a COVID-19 scare in the workplace thanks to our state-of-the-art testing and team that will come to you and provide a fast and accurate results.

Have Your Employees Tested On-Site

Wellacy is prepared to help you reduce the spread of infection by offering its mobile COVID testing services to your business through StrikeForce. With our mobilized fleet of testing vehicles, we empower your staff by letting them know their COVID status in a stress-free fashion. Not sure what you or your business needs? StrikeForce offers custom plans whether you are trying to minimize the risk of COVID working in retail or have an employee who has tested positive and was in contact with others at your headquarters.

Results in Minutes

Turn to the science-based tests you have trusted through your COVID scares for your workplace. StrikeForce offers an accurate and quick turnaround. Results will be available in minutes via a HIPAA-compliant patient portal.

Accurate COVID-19 Testing

StrikeForce will travel to your desired location at your request, where the team can administer your choice of lab-quality fast PCR, rapid antigen, and rapid antibody tests. Results will be available in minutes, ensuring you can continue your day with peace of mind.

Do not let the potential of COVID outbreaks spread in your business. Anticipate your business needs by facilitating COVID-19 testing in the workplace; it will make it easier for employees and will encourage your staff to get tested regularly. Every test helps identify where the virus is so it can be stopped in its tracks.

Do not leave your employees asking questions such as “where can I get a covid test” or “is there rapid covid testing near me?” No matter your industry, you can create an environment with increased safety and comfort for employees and customers.


Develop a custom plan for your business with StrikeForce by emailing info@wellacy.com or calling (305)741-2655.
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