How Long to Quarantine After Testing Positive for COVID?

Quarantine is a word that’s very closely affiliated with COVID, but it’s important to understand the difference between quarantine and isolation to really answer this question. Quarantine means that you remain at home if you’ve been exposed, while isolation is staying by yourself while you’re sick.

However, learning how to quarantine at home means knowing more about when someone is most contagious with COVID and how long you are contagious with covid before symptoms appear. Today, Wellacy answers your quarantine questions to keep you and those around you safe from illness.

COVID testing at work

How Long Will Quarantine Last?

Quarantine if you’ve been in close contact with someone who had COVID for at least 15 minutes or more over 24 hours unless you’ve been fully vaccinated. However, while fully vaccinated people don’t need to quarantine, it’s safe to get tested about 5-7 days after exposure. While you may not get sick, you may inadvertently get others sick.

How to Home Quarantine:

  • Stay home for 14 days after you’ve been exposed
  • Monitor your health for a fever (100.4F), shortness of breath, cough, or other covid symptoms
  • Stay as far away as you can from others you live with, especially those who are in a higher risk group for severe covid symptoms

We also recommend that you take a fast covid test. You can often get results in as little as an hour and test again a few days later.

What are the Dangers of COVID During Pregnancy?

Having COVID when you’re pregnant isn’t just risky for you. Your baby may be at risk, too, Mothers who contract COVID during pregnancy may infect their newborn with COVID, and this can be deadly for babies with underdeveloped immune systems. Other risks include preterm birth and stillbirth.

How Does COVID Affect the Elderly?

Unfortunately, the elderly are the demographic most severely affected by COVID. Because their immune systems are weaker than younger people’s, it’s harder for them to ward off illness. In addition, many older adults have less healthy lungs, which are more susceptible to damage from COVID, such as pneumonia.

Should I Have COVID Testing After Having COVID?

You can have a positive result from a COVID test for up to 90 days after having COVID, so many physicians recommend against having another test after you’ve tested positive. Once you’ve recovered, you may not actually be sick or contagious, but the antibodies in your body from the virus will give a false positive.

COVID Rapid Testing in Miami

If you’ve been exposed to COVID and need rapid testing in Miami, Wellacy is your solution. We can test for COVID and have resulted in as little as an hour. Call 305-741-2655 to schedule an appointment or simply contact us online to learn more!

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