How Mobile Medical Testing is the New Model in HealthCare

The arrival of COVID-19 in 2020 did more than drive us all into our homes, shutter businesses, and close schools across the country. It revealed a major gap in both the availability and affordability of healthcare and medical testing.  It is a gap that has forced both the medical community and patients to reimagine the realities of healthcare now and in the years to come. And, it has ensured that modern mobile health facilities are at the forefront of how patients receive medical testing and diagnostics.

A New Model for a Post-Pandemic World

Thousands of people across the United States received their first introduction to the benefits of point-of-care testing or the mobile medical testing model due to the vast needs that arose with the spread of coronavirus.

As hospitals and doctor’s offices everywhere braced for an influx of patients, mobile health stations stepped up to the plate to offer drive-thru and walk-in COVID-19 testing services. These mobile facilities on wheels offered an alternative to patients who would have been forced to enter large facilities; risking the possibility of being exposed to or exposing others to the infectious virus.

Of course, reducing the chance of disease transmission was not the only benefit mobile health clinics provided during the pandemic. They also served as a release valve for the entire healthcare system, where patients were able to receive immediate testing and never set foot in a hospital, urgent care clinic, or doctor’s office.

This created a win-win for patients and the entire healthcare system.

Added Benefits of Mobile Health Testing 

  • Reduce emergency room visits and hospital admissions: Patients are able to receive the testing they needed to rule out or diagnose a COVID-19 infection and have a better chance of avoiding hospital emergency rooms and admission.
  • Lower healthcare costs: Mobile health testing and diagnostics can detect health problems early leading to early intervention, which saves healthcare dollars, not to mention lives.
  • Improve access: These stations also make care far more convenient, allowing patients to access testing right in their own neighborhoods, eliminating the hassles of transportation and building trust.
  • Serve as a safety net: Finally, they offer one of the most effective safety nets currently available in healthcare, as they proved during the height of the pandemic, and are continuing to prove today as we move into a fall and winter that are expected to bring more coronavirus cases, along with a record flu season.

A proven and Trusted Resource in Healthcare

All of this has ensured that mobile health testing and diagnostics will continue to be a driving force in healthcare for decades to come, one that patients can turn to for immediate, accurate testing so that they and their doctors can make informed decisions when they matter most. Whether it is testing for COVID-19, flu, diabetes, or heart disease markers, mobile point-of-care services are playing a vital role in the health of our country.

The Wellacy Way Brings you the MD RV

Established in response to the global need for more convenient and quick delivery testing capabilities, Wellacy’ MD RV is able to mobilize multiple laboratory units at any given time, to conduct Point of Care Testing (POCT) and Diagnostic (POCD) services, including trusted and reliable COVID-19 resources. Centrally located, the MD RV powered rapid testing sites allow for quick result turnaround times using advanced technologies, bridging the gap and need for quick answers post-pandemic.  To make an appointment at the Wellacy’ MD RV, visit


Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm. Sunday 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.



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