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Best at Home COVID 19 Test Kits

Where to Get an At Home COVID Test

If you require COVID-19 testing because you’re traveling or having symptoms of the virus, Wellacy can provide prompt service. Our testing services and telehealth appointments are by qualified professionals.

Our commitment is to friendly and top-quality care through our telehealth at home COVID tests and to provide the at home test kits you need. Order an at home COVID test and put your mind at ease, or fulfill travel requirements with a virtual COVID test for travel today.

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at Home Covid 19 Test kits

COVID 19 Home Test Kit

With the fast spreading COVID-19 variants such as Omicron, there could be concerns about traveling or attending work or family gatherings. A COVID at home test kit can put your mind to rest about spreading the Coronavirus disease. In some cases, these fast tests are vital for maintaining travel plans.

Rapid tests are immediate and come at an affordable cost. If you’re thinking of grabbing a home test kit, the following information will prove helpful.

What is a COVID Antigen Test?

The rapid test, standard in detecting the COVID-19 virus, works by determining the presence or absence of an antigen. Using antigen distinguishes rapid COVID tests from others that use nucleic acid or antibodies.

How Long Does a Rapid COVID Test Take?

At home COVID tests approved for international travel provide the results in 5-30 minutes and are suitable for travelers. They’re extremely beneficial for individuals looking for near-immediate results.

How Rapid Home Tests Work

Administering the test only takes a few minutes, and everything you need is in the box. Be sure to follow the provided instructions for accurate results.

Rapid test kits usually come with test strips with COVID-19 critical protein antibodies. You use the supplied swab to swab your nostrils and apply it to the test strips. Home COVID tests work the same way as pregnancy tests through lateral flow technology.

Typically, move the swap with your sample over the test strips like you do a towel when wiping off water from your body. If it’s a positive result, the Coronavirus antigens will attach to the antibodies. The test is negative if there’s no binding.

Home COVID 19 Test Kits

When to Test for COVID?

Antigen tests are a quick way to ascertain a positive result for symptomatic people and with known exposure to COVID-19. The home tests are also helpful before travel and large gatherings. They can be a source of assurance for safe gatherings.

Where to Buy an At Home COVID Test?

Where can you get a rapid COVID test? Wellacy has an affordable COVID 19 self test kit that gives you results in as little as 15 minutes. You don’t need supervised testing or a prescription with the home COVID test kit. It is best for people that are not traveling and want to know their COVID status.

Do You Need a COVID Test to Fly?

As per the CDC guidelines, people returning to the U.S. via air require a supervised home antigen test.

The virtual doctor’s supervision should be by a medical professional provided by the manufacturer of the home test kit.

You may ask, ‘Are all at home COVID tests the same?’

The majority of the rapid COVID test for travel use nasal swabs. However, you’ll still encounter those that need a saliva sample. These can be less sensitive than the long nasal swabs but still viable.

How Much is a COVID Test?

The Flow flex at home COVID test kit costs $35. You don’t require a prescription, and the results are available within 15 minutes.

Under the new requirements, group health plans and insurers should reimburse or pay for the at-home COVID tests for the insured. The insurance companies can either pay upfront or reimburse you after submitting a claim.

The insurance providers cover up to eight (8) tests per month for each insured individual. That means retesting after a positive COVID test is possible’ and remains at no-out-of-pocket costs.

How Accurate are Home COVID-19 Tests?

Molecular tests may be more sensitive than the telehealth COVID tests, but these rapid tests are often accurate. They’re significantly more efficient when you have a high viral load, recently exposed and starting the infection, or when symptomatic.



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