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At Home COVID-19 Test with Telehealth

If you’re planning to travel, you need a verified lab result after a real-time telehealth video observation. A photo I.D. verification is also necessary.

We provide a telehealth video observation service for home COVID-19 Antigen Home Tests for every member of your family. The process is straightforward, with a simple form to guide you through the process.

Pick a time for the telehealth COVID test, and when it’s time, click on the link we gave you to launch a video conferencing app. You’ll need a computer with a functional webcam, a tablet, or a smartphone for the virtual visit.

COVID -19 Test with Telehealth

How Do Telehealth Appointments Work?

Here’s how you go about taking the observed test:

  • Purchase your Virtually Supervised COVID-19 Antigen Home Test – simply visit our online store
  • Plan Your Video Monitoring – Call around the time you have to take your test; and set up a separate telehealth appointment for each individual taking a test. Everyone in your group can join the call, but each participant must be registered separately.
  • Connect to Proctor – You will connect to a proctor during your video call who will walk you through the testing procedure. Typically, the proctor may ask you a few questions about your symptoms to determine if the test is necessary. Only open your test kit after you’ve connected to your test proctor via video call.

COVID CredentialWellacy will generate a COVID Credential based on your validated results, and you will get a Text message and an email with a link to your results. You can then send your results to anyone who requires them straight from your COVID Creds using a Q.R. code, Credential ID, or PDF.

What to Expect from a Flowflex COVID-19 Home Test

Are Home COVID Tests Accurate?

The at-home rapid COVID test may not be as accurate as a PCR test. But they’re swift and most accurate during the first few days of getting symptoms. This is when the viral load in your body is at its peak.

Our home COVID testing kit detects the protein that arouses an immune response in case of an infection. The protein is the viral antigen. Typically, you get your COVID results within 15 minutes.

Rapid PCR COVID-19 Test with Telehealth


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