Building the Future of Medical Testing

As a leader in POC services, Wellacy improves your outcomes by delivering the answers you need, when you need them. The custom rapid testing solutions, available at any Wellacy location, help you make informed decisions. 

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Point-of-Care Services

Point-of-care (POC) services have altered the way you receive medical examinations and results, creating faster solutions for even quicker treatments and action plans. With increased technologies and dedication into the field of POC testing and diagnostics, rapid medical testing can be completed with smaller specimen samples and increased accuracy. 

The combination of cutting-edge technologies and strategic initiatives, with you in mind, allows Wellacy to offer convenient testing. This lets you know the status of your health quicker than ever before. You are now in control of your health and its care.

The Wellacy way

Wellacy is a leader in point-of-care medical diagnostic testing essential for the rapid detection of analytes and maladies, facilitating better and faster results, monitoring and management of disease.  Wellacy enables quick medical decisions as diseases can be diagnosed expeditiously and near the patient, thus leading to improved health outcomes by enabling the early results and start of treatment.

Wellacy is building the future of medical testing and preventative care through custom and convenient services including the MD RV, a mobile diagnostic laboratory, StrikeForce, a business-oriented solution designed to offer event and employer on-site testing, and CleanZone, an entire department dedicated to advanced preventative measures for entertainment venues, conferences and the travel industry.


Dedicated tests and services with quick turn-around times, so the detection of disease is consistently timely.


Encourage and improve health outcomes, transforming your life with responsible diagnotics tests.  


Measure the progress of diseases with trusted and reliable solutions, promoting preventative wellness. 



CLIA certified laboratories that aim to help you make better decisions and empower your wellness. 

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